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Hall of Famer Morten Andersen to visit Copenhagen Towers

Youngsters hoping for a career in the NFL can get a taste of the sport and a unique meeting with the most famous Dane to have experienced the NFL on his own body, when the Copenhagen Towers open their doors at the annual ‘Rookie Day’ on Saturday, February 3rd. Among fans of American football The […]

Towers U19 goes for Team Nordic!

Two of our very talented Junior Players were selected to play for Team Nordic in the 2018 International Bowl. 💜🏈 They faced the US U19 National Team and represented the purple and white tremendously! We are excited to have young players being dedicated and having great football experiences, we hope for many more! Alexander Mylsted […]

Towers Coaching Staff 2018

There are a lot of familiar faces to be found on the Towers sideline for the 2018 season. After a fantastic 2017 season, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this coaching staff is one of the premier staffs in Denmark. Leading the way as Head coach will once again be Peter Herbild. […]

´R you ready? Season 2018 starts!

Vi er klar parat til Football start! Towers ungdomshold starter deres træning op på følgende datoer! U19. Tirsdag d. 9 januar kl 18.00 U16. Tirsdag d. 16 januar kl. 18.00 U14. Tirsdag d. 16 januar kl. 18.00 U12. Tirsdag d. 16 januar kl. 18.00 U10. Tirsdag d. 16 januar kl. 18.00 Hvis du har lyst […]

Bye to 2017 and a happy new year!

The Copenhagen Towers would like to send a big “Thank You” to all of our followers, fans, volunteers and all people interested in Towers Nation. At the same time we would like to wish you all the best for the upcoming year and a great football season in 2018!

Happy X-Mas, Tower nation

Hej alle i Towers Nation. 2017 har været et lilla år! Vi vandt suverænt Mermaid Bowl og havde et sindssygt godt efterår. Tror ikke der er andre klubber som har haft “running clock” mod alle de andre top 4 klubber, som vi havde mod Golddiggers, Razorbacks og Tigers! På ungdomsfronten har vi også haft et […]

Open House @Copenhagen Towers

Sidder du klistret til TV-skærmen søndag efter søndag for at følge NFL? Drømmer du om selv at opleve suset, når hjelmen trækkes på, og det første fløjt lyder? Hvis svaret er ja, skal du læse videre nu. Lørdag, den 3. februar 2018 slår Copenhagen Towers i samarbejde med Dansk Amerikansk fodbold forbund dørene op til […]

Copenhagen Towers win XXIX Mermaid Bowl 2017

WE ARE DANISH CHAMPIONS….! At least, we beat the Søllerød Gold Diggers 20-7 in the Mermaid Bowl today. #21 Safety Magnus Bitsch was named Mermaid Bowl 29 MVP after another great game including an interception. #13 Dayton Winn, playing with a broken nose for three quarters, was named National League MVP 2017. Thanks to all of our […]

Coach Allert – Lau Mikkelsen WR coach

It is a great honour that Copenhagen Towers can announce another great addition to our coaching staff. Lau Mikkelsen has for years been a veteran cornerstone in the Towers offence but has this year decided to participate from the sideline as the coach for the wide receivers. In regards to the transition from player to […]