Towers sign OL Quinn Bullard

The Towers are very excited to have added a vital component to our offense for the 2016 season. Quinn Bullard, 22 years old and a Southwest Minnesota State University alumnus, will join the Towers in early May.

Bullard will add size and strength to the Towers offensive line with his 198 cm and 145 kg. Head coach Peter Herbild has high expectations for his new import player: “We expect Quinn to contribute both as a good player, but also as a leader, who can show grit and commitment.”

On the practice field, Bullard will help develop the Towers’ offensive linemen of the future. He is a certified coach and will be heavily involved with coaching offensive linemen on all Towers youth teams. Furthermore, Bullard will help improve the skills of the senior team linemen.

Bullard himself is looking forward to the coaching opportunities: “I am very excited about the coaching opportunity! Coaching is something I have always wanted to involve myself with. It’ll be a great opportunity to be able to coach within this organization. I hope to share my knowledge, and gain some as well.”

Football has been a part of Bullard’s life since he was nine years old, but since his high school days he has even been a competitive wrestler. He is still involved in the SMSU wrestling team.

In a new approach to recruiting, coach Herbild turned to former Towers-import player Thomas Yarbrough. Coach Herbild described to Yarbrough, what the team was looking for this season and Yarbrough went scouting. Being recruited took Bullard somewhat by surprise: “I was a bit caught off guard. I was expecting to be done with playing football, and wasn’t really expecting to be able to extend my football career. I am very excited to get started, and back to work!”

Over the course of a few Skype interviews Herbild and Bullard very quickly realized that this was a very good match. Bullard will now complete his academic obligations at SMSU, before boarding a plane for Copenhagen. This means that the Towers will open the season against the Herlev Rebels and Horsens Stallions without the services of Bullard. Bullard will suit up for his first Towers game, when the club faces the Rebels again on May 16th.

Photo provided by Southwest Minnesota State University assistant head coach Mike Aldrich and shows Bullard signing his Copenhagen Towers contract at the SMSU facilities.

New Towers team in 2016

In 2016 a new Towers team will take the field – younger, tougher, ready!

Put together with a mix of experienced players from the Championship teams of 2013 and 2014 and a bulk of new young players, the 2016 Towers Senior team is set to reclaim the National Championship.

From top to bottom the team is lead by coaches with a proven track record of winning. Entering his 5th year, Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator, Peter Herbild (with an impressive W/L record of 47-11 in Denmark) sees a lot of similarities between this team and the 2012-team that established the Towers championship teams: “We have the players and the coaches required to create a Champion, and like in 2012 we have one unit to fix. This time it’s our offense, and we will get that done”.

The Towers offense will have the perfect measuring stick for their progress, as they enjoy the luxury of going up against the best defensive unit in Denmark twice a week. Victor Andersen enjoyed a thoroughly impressive first year as DC for the Towers Senior team, and continued a tradition of excellence on defense that has prevailed since the unit was “fixed” in 2012. Being the most talented and lauded young football mind in Denmark, Victor Andersen is the coach who can take a mighty defense and make it a juggernaut that is more than just difficult to score against. “Through the last 15 years, there have been a lot of great defense’ in Denmark, and I believe Victor is the coach who will create a new benchmark for what a great defense is and what it can accomplish.” Coach Herbild explains.

The team also boasts great position coaches such as Simon Sonnesen who is coming off a JNL championship and QB&WR-guru Anders Skovgren whom is considered one of Denmarks most experienced competence for both positions. The list continues with former Towers greats such as Christian Dinesen, Rasmus Bergholt and others.

The aspiring team will have the best practice facilities in Denmark, and they are eagerly awaiting the opening of the rebuilt Gentofte Stadium later this year. Meanwhile the team will workout together at Gentofte crossfit centre during the pre-season and later they will make a trip abroad for a pre-season game and team building.

A lot to look forward to as a Tower in 2016!