Offseason Træning for Towers ungdom

Efter en kort pause er vi klar med træning for alle Towers ungdomshold.

Træningen foregår alle tirsdage kl 18-19.30, på Towers Field, Ved Stadion 23, 2820 Gentofte.

Alle nye spillere der kunne være interesseret er meget velkommen!

Kontakt for mere info.

Kick-off-aften for forældre til juniorspillere

Sæsonstarten i 2017-sæsonen står for døren og derfor vil Towers gerne invitere alle forældre til ungdomsspillere til en aften, hvor vi vil fortælle om klubben, spillersikkerhed, ungdomsarbejde og meget andet. 

Arrangementet finder sted mandag d. 13. marts kl. 19-20:30 i lokale 70/71 den nye Gentoftehal.

Læs mere på nedenstående invitation. Har du spørgsmål, så kontakt Towers’ formand Jakob Munksgaard.

Invitation til Kick Off 2017


Towers’ 2017 head coaches

Towers head coach Peter Herbild with his squad {Photo: Michael Quist]

Towers head coach Peter Herbild with his squad {Photo: Michael Quist]

All Towers head coaches will be back in 2017. Yet four of five Towers teams will have new head coaches. The coaching carrousel has turned and Peter Herbild is the only head coach to be back with the same squad in 2017.

The senior team staff will work hard In the off season in order to set the framework for the 2017 season and much more will be revealed in due time. One thing we do know already is that defensive coordinator Victor Andersen will be back. And not only will he again run our defense; Victor has also been named assistant head coach.

All youth head coaches have taken over new teams in 2017. The reason is simple – the bond each coach and his assistants have with their players is one we don’t want to break. Therefore, since a significant number of players from each youth team graduates to an older team, their coaches advance with them.

Simon Sonnesen, the former U19 head coach, reached the end of the line as far as youth teams go and thus he will coach the youngest Towers in 2017 as the U12 and U14 head coach.

This means that Tobias Trige will coach the U16 team and Kasper Skyum will be the front man for the U19 team.

Each coach will be surrounded by the same assistants as in 2016. Tobias Trige will bring Thomas ‘Post’ Jakobsen and Lars Cedervall with him as well as a whopping 20 players advancing to the U16 squad. Trige said, “We look forward to continuing to follow the football development of these boys and also the great camaraderie they have built.” Trige is looking for additional coaches for the U16 team in order to reach the team’s goal of having a coach pr. seven players.

Coach Skyum will also field a staff that is made up of a mix of familiar and new faces. “It will be a crew that knows what it takes to improve and not just the coaches, but medics and team managers as well”, Skyum explains and adds “Our players can expect innovative and unusual practices.”

The Towers wish our fans a happy off-season, but assure you that there is nothing off about our preparations for the 2017 season.

Coaches Sonnesen and Herbild [Photo: Michael Quist]

Coaches Sonnesen and Herbild [Photo: Michael Quist]

Towers QB aces coaching exam

Coach Skyum working with his U16 squad [Photo provided by Kasper Skyum]

Coach Skyum working with his U16 squad
[Photo provided by Kasper Skyum]

Kasper Skyum is not only the starting QB for our National League team, but also an accomplished coach. This past week he passed the final exam of his ‘Diploma of Expert Coaching’ course with flying colors and thus adding to the already solid coaching credentials of the Towers organization.

Football is a very big part of Kasper’s life. He is the Towers’ and the Danish national team’s starting quarterback. He is the Towers’ U16 head coach. He is the offensive coordinator of the Danish U19 national team. And he works part time as one of two youth consultants for the Towers, along with Simon Sonnesen.

Kasper’s coaching prowess hasn’t come all by itself, but through years of hands-on experience and academic training. He has recently completed level three of the Diploma of Expert Coaching education (Diplomtræneruddannelse), provided by the National Olympic Committee and Sports Conferedation of Denmark (Dansk Idrætsforbund). This is the second highest level of coaching education offered in Denmark and it follows a pan-European framework.

“Having completed the Diploma of Expert Coaching education has given me a higher understanding of the physiological, technical and mental aspects of coaching at both the beginners as well as the elite levels. In the end this enables me to coach my players at a higher level”, Kasper says.

On his final exam, Kasper was awarded a grade of ‘12’ – the highest grade possible. This is a strong testament to Kasper’s dedication to youth football and the game itself.

“Within the Towers we value coaching education very highly”, Athletic Director Anders Munch Skovgren explains and adds: “We offer a coaching education to all of our coaches, because we believe that skills and current knowledge is vital to coaching at a high level.”

Congratulations, Kasper. The Towers are very proud to have people with such dedication in our organization.

Ny Head Coach til Towers U16

Kasper Skyum bliver ny U16 Head Coach i Copenhagen Towers i 2016. Mange kender sikkert Kasper som QB på A-landsholdet eller som offensive coordinator på U19-landsholdet. Nu kan han også skrive Towers U16 Head Coach på visitkortet.

Coach Skyum har ambitioner om at skabe et hold, hvor det er sjovt at lære at spille football og hvor der samtidig laves en masse grundlæggende talentudvikling.

“Jeg ser alt for mange unge danske football-spillere døje med en masse småskader, der skyldes forkert træning, manglende hvile efter en skade eller en utilstrækkelig grundtræning. Det er rigtig ærgerligt for både spillerne og sporten” siger Kasper Skyum.

“Min vision er at skabe et setup, hvor vi arbejder med grundlæggende færdigheder som kernestyrke og balance samt laver relevant genoptræning i forbindelse med skader. Samtidig skal football være sjovt og udfordrende, ikke bare til kamp, men til hver eneste træning. Det er vores mål” fortsætter Kasper.

Allerede fra denne uge er Kaspers plan sat i søen. U16 holdet starter et to måneders crossfit forløb målrettet og skræddersyet til drenge i alderen 14-16 år. Forløbet er et samarbejde mellem Copenhagen Towers og TRAINITY.

Copenhagen Towers har som mål at samle drenge nok til at kunne spille 11-mands U16 i 2016 sæsonen. Derfor er alle drenge, der gerne vil være med meget velkommen. Kasper Skyum kan kontaktes på eller tlf. 30 25 01 06.