The Copenhagen Towers can trace our history back to Monday, August 20th 1990. On this date a group of enthusiastic football players and loyal backers from the defunct Copenhagen Vikings founded what was to become the biggest powerhouse that Danish American football has seen to date.

The odds were tough, but through dedication and hard work the team rose and became an established part of the Danish American football community. Gentofte Stadium became our home field from the early days and remains so to this date.

The years have seen plenty of ups and a few downs. But the Copenhagen Towers all know that as time goes by, games are played and seasons come to an end, the future lies ahead filled with hopes, opportunities and challenges. We choose to play this game not because it is easy, but because it is hard!



This year saw a return to the Mermaid Bowl for the senior squad. Being ahead or tied for all but the final 38 seconds of the game, the Towers eventually had to settle for silver as the Triangle Razorbacks came back to win 22-18.

The Towers finished the regular season with a 9-1 record after losing by a point to the Razorbacks.

This season we enjoyed the services of American offensive lineman Quinn Bullard. Our head coach remained Peter Herbild.

Copenhagen Towers 2016 team photo, Photo: Michael Quist



Once again the Towers had import help on the offensive side of the ball as we had American running back B.J. Lee with us. Our head coach was Peter Herbild.

The 2015 season ended in disappointment as the Towers senior squad made the play-offs, but came up short of a Mermaid Bowl Berth. The season ended with an unlikely 3-0 loss to the Søllerød Gold Diggers in the semifinal.



The Towers senior squad became Back-to-Back champions, by beating the Aarhus Tigers 26-3 in Mermaid Bowl XXVI in Randers. The team took a 9-1 regular season record into the play-offs and beat the Søllerød Gold Diggers in the semifinal enroute to the Mermaid Bowl. This was JR Artozqui’s last season with the Towers after a five-year run as our QB.

The U19 team went 8-1



The Towers became the first team in Danish American football history to become triple champions, when the U16 squad won the Future Bowl, the U19 squad won the Junior Bowl and the senior squad won the Mermaid Bowl. No team has even been Junior and Mermaid Bowl champions in the same season. The senior team went 10-0 in the regular season and thus were undefeated for the second straight year.

Mermaid Bowl 2013, Copenhagen Towers vs Triangle Razorbacks



The U13 squad was split up into U12 and U14 for the first time. Coach of both teams was Thomas Kallehave.

The U16 squad stayed true to form and won their fourth straight Danish championship, when they followed up on a 9-1 regular season by beating the Herlev Rebels 62-12 in the Future Bowl.

The U19 team followed suit with an 8-2 regular season. Their only two losses were at the hands of the Søllerød Gold Diggers. However, in the Junior Bowl the roles were reversed as the Towers beat the Gold Diggers 13-7 to become Danish champions. Head coach was Victor Andersen.

The senior team enjoyed their first undefeated regular season record since the mid-nineties. The senior team were 10-0 in the regular season before falling to the the championship runners-up, Søllerød Gold Diggers, in the third meeting between the two clubs in 2012. The game ended 41-35 in overtime. Seven senior Towers represented Denmark on the National Team. The head coach remained Peter Herbild.



The U13 team xx

The U16 team under new head coach Jørgen Sørensen made it three in a row, when they won the Future Bowl by 28-20 over the Herlev Rebels.

The U19 team was once again highly represented on the Danish U19 National Team, when nine Towers were selected to play in red and white. New head coach was former U16 head coach Victor Andersen.

The senior team again lost their semifinal to the Razorbacks in Vejle. This time by a score of 23-13. The regular season record was again a respectable 7-3. This was new head coach Peter Herbild’s first season in charge of the Towers senior team. He has previously played for the Towers and coached several youth teams.



The U13 squad reached the semifinals, but lost to the Avedøre Monarchs under the coaching of Jørgen Sørensen.

The U16 squad repeated as champions after winning the Future Bowl against the Søllerød Gold Diggers by a score of 28-14 and a 10-0 regular season record. Head coach was once again Victor Andersen.

The U19 squad suffered a disheartening semifinal loss – their first loss of the season – by the score of 14-12 to the Søllerød Gold Diggers. Head coach was Carsten ICE Jensen. Of 86 players invited to the U19 Danish National Team camp 19 were Towers. Nine were ultimately selected to the final roster of 45 players participating in the Nordic Championships in Vantaa, Finland.

The senior team lost their semifinal by 42-7 against the Razorbacks in Vejle after a decent 7-3 regular season. This was JR Artozqui’s first season as the Towers’ starting quarterback. It was also the first – and only – season of new head coach William Miller. A highlight of the year was beating the Herlev Rebels 41-7 in front of 800+ fans at home on Friday Night Football to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the club on August 20th.



The U13 team was again coached by Jørgen Sørensen.

The U16 team became Future Bowl champions by beating the Frederikssund Oaks by 30-0. The head coach was Victor Andersen.

The U19 team became Junior Bowl champions after winning 14-0 over the Triangle Razorbacks. The team also won the Ystad Rockets Cup again. All under the leadership of head coach Carsten ICE Jensen.

The senior team failed to reach the play-offs after a 4-6 season. American offensive lineman Dustin Tervelt played with the Towers during the spring half of the season. The team was coached by Anders Munch Skovgren. A developmental squad was launched at the senior level in 2009.



The U13 team was coached by Jørgen Sørensen.

The U16 team missed the play-offs. They were coached by American player and coach Thomas Yarbrough.

The U19 team reached the Junior Bowl, but lost by the score of 16-14 to the Herlev Rebels. The young Towers won the annual Ystad Rockets Cup in Sweden. The team was coached by Carsten ICE Jensen.

The senior team reached the semifinals, by virtue of a 8-2 regular season, but lost 13-0 at home to the Søllerød Gold Diggers. American offensive lineman Thomas Yarbrough played with the Towers this season. The team was coached by Anders Munch Skovgren.



The 2007 season brought the Towers two Danish championships from the U13 and U16 squads. The U13 team was a perfect 13-0 under coaches Carsten Toft and Jørgen Sørensen.

The U16 team changed head coach during the season with Anders Halkier taking over from Peter Nicolajsen, when Nicolajsen left to take up college studies in Canada during the summer break. The team finished 6-4 in the regular season before advancing to the Future Bowl in which the Towers beat the Avedøre Monarchs 20-12.

The U19 team went 6-1 in the regular Junior National League season, before dropping a heartbreaking game to the Århus Tigers in the semifinal by the score of 0-6. The team was coached by Coach Carsten ‘ICE’ Jensen assisted by Carsten Schmidt.

The senior team was coached by Anders Munch (Rasmussen) Skovgren, initially assisted by Peter Nicolajsen and Peter Herbild, but later by DC Mats Eriksson. The team was elevated from Division 1 to the National League when the Roskilde Kings dropped out of the National League shortly before the season began. The Towers finished with a 4-6 record, which was not enough to secure a play-off spot, but on the other hand good enough to keep the Towers safe from Division 1 qualification games.



The Towers senior team finished the season with a 5-5 record (undefeated in the fall half of the season) which secured a third place in Division 1. As only the top two teams qualified directly to play the 2007 season in the National League the Towers prepared for another Division 1 season. The team was coached by Peter Nicolajsen.

The U19 squad finished 8-0, but lost the semifinal to the Kronborg Knights. The team was coached by Coach Carsten ‘ICE’ Jensen assisted by Carsten Schmidt.

The U16 team under Peter Nicolajsen finished with a 4-2 record and a semifinal loss to the Søllerød Gold Diggers.

The U13 team under Kasper Künzel finished tied for first with a 5-1 record, but lost the Pee Wee Bowl to the Frederikssund Oaks.



In the club’s 15-year anniversary season the senior team managed only a 1-8 season, which again forced the Towers into a National League qualification game that was eventually lost to the Esbjerg Hurricanes. The sole win came on August 19th – one day before the actual 15-year anniversary – when the Kronborg Knights were defeated in a thrilling 20-19 decision.

The U19 squad finished the season 5-3.

The U16 squad finished the season 3-3.

The U13 squad finished the season 1-2, including a wild 58-80 loss to the Frederikssund Oaks.



In 2004 the Towers fielded two senior teams – one in the National League and one in Division 2. The secondary team was meant for both rookies and older players who might want to slow down the pace and practice schedules. The NL team finished with a 2-9 record by beating the Oaks and Swans, while the Division 2 team played 10 games en route to a 0-10 record. The NL team needed to play a qualification game for the 2005 NL season against the Odense Swans. The Towers won the game and thus managed to stay at the top level in the coming season.

The U19 squad – playing in the Junior National League – had a 2-5 record.

The U16 squad was successful and finished with a 7-1 record.

The U13 squad played eight games and won half to finish the season with a 4-4 record.



The senior team finished 2-8 and had to play the Triangle Razorbacks in the NL qualification game. The Towers won the game and thus the right to stay in the NL in 2004.

In the Junior National League the U19 squad finished 2-6.

The U16 team went undefeated in a 8-0 season in which the team scored 302 points while allowing only 34.

For the first time the Towers fielded three youth teams after launching a boys U13 tackle program. The U13 team lost their first three games and then eventually won their fourth game to finish the season 1-3.



The senior team finished 3-7 which meant having to play a qualification game against the Århus Tigers from Division 1.

In the newly formed Junior National League the Towers U19 squad finished 2-3.

The U16 team finished 6-2.



The senior team finished the season 4-7 under coach Kenneth Corneliussen who had taken over from Troy Adelman in late 2000.

The junior team finished 3-7



The senior team was coached by American coach Troy Adelman. The team began 3-3 and eventually missed the play-offs.



The fall of 1999 witnessed the return of the Copenhagen Towers to the National League. The season opened with a heartbreaking loss in a game that proved to the football community that the Towers were once again ready to compete. Before the winter break we had won our first game in our return to the elite level of Danish American football.



The Towers quickly regained our winning ways as we went through the season without a single loss and beat the Frederiksund Oaks in the Elming Bowl in the summer of 1999.



It was not a good year for the Copenhagen Towers. We suffered through a winless season after having said goodbye to many players. Age, families and injuries had taken their toll on the team. A solid core of players played admirably in the face of severe adversity, but came up short. For the first time in team history did the Copenhagen Towers not finish at the top of the league.

The general concensus among players and staff alike was that a season in Division 1 was necessary in order to give the team a chance to regroup and prepare new players for football at the high level that we were determined to return to. Unfortunately only one other team entered the tournament in Division 1, so both teams elected to drop to Division 2, which then consisted of 12 teams.



All good things must come to an end and so did the unbeaten streak of 4 national championships. The Towers had to settle for second best in the Danish National League as we lost to the Roskilde Kings in the Mermaid Bowl. That season also produced one of the most exciting games ever played on Danish soil. The Towers visited the Aarhus Tigers during the regular season and fell behind by more than three touchdowns, only to come back and tie the game shortly before time ran out. This game had the home crowd of 3.200 on their feet for most of the second half.

The Towers played two international games that year, but they were essentially irrelevant, as we did not have the financial means to compete abroad.



The year proved to be every bit as successful on the local arena as the previous years. The Towers beat the Aarhus Tigers in an entertaining and well played game to claim an unprecedented fourth consecutive Mermaid Bowl victory. Internationally, the Towers saw only limited action. The talent and will were both present, but a financial drought forced the team to refrain from competing in the European tournament. However, the Towers were invited to play an exhibition game against the Düsseldorf Panthers in a game that celebrated the return of the World League of American Football – later known as NFL Europe – to this continent.



This season the Towers once again played several international games. A game at the Luxembourg Lions had the Towers awestruck. The stadium was packed with a wild home crowd, there was loud music and everything else that you could expect from a high profile football game. However, all of this could not distract the Towers, who played a solid football game and came away with the win.

The next opponent was the Oscar Dinos – reigning Austrian champions – at home in Gentofte. The game was tough, entertaining and sweet as the Towers once again carved a notch in the victory post. Thus poised and collected the Towers were prepared to meet the renowned Munich Cowboys. Regrettably, the ‘Boys were also prepared for the Towers. We collected the first defeat of the season.

Lightning may not strike twice in the same place, but the Towers do – and then some. For the third year running the Copenhagen Towers could raise the championship trophy above our heads after the Mermaid Bowl.



The year came and went on a high note. The Towers won the Mermaid Bowl for the second consecutive year, while taking second place in the Scandinavian Cup. An enthusiastic crowd of 5.000 spectators watched the Towers beat the Odense Swans in the Mermaid Bowl. Danish DR-TV broadcast an hour-long highlight program from the game.



The Towers quickly developed a taste for victory and thus went undefeated in the 1992 season, a season capped with a win in the Mermaid Bowl – the national championship. That season also saw the Copenhagen Towers make a name for ourselves on the international scene. The Russian Czars left Gentofte Stadium with a defeat, suffered at the hands of a powerful Towers team. The same fate was bestowed upon the British Bulldogs just a month later. The Towers enjoyed significant exposure in the national media during that first championship season. Both nationwide TV stations as well as the written media covered the Mermaid Bowl.



The Towers were founded on August 20th.