Do you want to volunteer your time and services for the Towers…?

The Towers depend heavily on a number of dedicated volunteers, who help make sure that the Towers remains the best club in Denmark.

You can help out in a vast number of roles. These are a few examples, but if you would like to help out with a specific role or service that we haven’t listed then please let us know.

Game day organisation

Game days are hectic, so there are dozens of jobs to fill, such as stadium speaker, scoreboard operator, live tweeter, merchandise salesperson, ticket salesperson, hotdog and beer sales person, ball boy/girl and chain gang.

Please contact president Jakob Munksgaard.

Team support

We handle a bunch of team activities during practices and on game day. We need help with handling uniforms, equipment/toolbox maintenance, medic, film recording/tag of games, waterboy/girl, halftime snacks/energy, bus and catering at away games.

Please contact team manager John Skjørbæk.

Towers Media

Our Media group can always use new people. At this time we need reporters and graphics specialists.

Please contact head of media Jens Rørbye.

Club management

We often need people who can work with sponsorship search, board work, accounting and other administrative work.

Please contact president Jakob Munksgaard.