Towers Coaching Staff 2018

There are a lot of familiar faces to be found on the Towers sideline for the 2018 season. After a fantastic 2017 season, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this coaching staff is one of the premier staffs in Denmark.

Leading the way as Head coach will once again be Peter Herbild. Athletic Director, Anders Skovgren, on Peter Herbild: “It’s an immense pleasure for the Towers that we continue to have Peter Herbild as our HC in 2018. Peter has always had a focus on development. Not just the team’s development, but his own and his staff’s development as well. Peter Herbild is a skilled leader of both coaches and players. He focuses on what’s important, giving room for individuals, both among players and coaches, and he has a special ability to motivate. I find that Peter is still top motivated and engaged in the NL team and the Towers in general. Like him, I have great expectations for the 2018 season, both in Denmark and abroad”

He is a short overview of our 2018 coaching staff


Peter Herbild, Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator

  • Copenhagen Towers Head Coach since 2011
  • Danish Champions: 2013, 2014, 2017 (runner up 2016)
  • Played 15 seasons with the Copenhagen Towers as a DB, WR and RB
  • Currently the Defensive Coordinator on the Danish National Team

DB, and Team Captain, Magnus Bitsch on Peter Herbild: “I am very grateful for Herbild as a head coach and driving force in Towers, but also as a person. He has been a dominant figure in my development as a player. Countless times I’ve thought to myself: “This is a stupid footwork or scheme he has set up” – after which I find out that this was the way to beat our opponents. In addition to being a great coach, he is incredibly good at focusing on how to beat a specific opponent and does not waste time solving more or less unrealistic scenarios”


Victor Andersen, Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator 

  • Copenhagen Towers Defensive Coordinator since 2015
  • Played 11 seasons with the Copenhagen Towers as a DB (Danish champion in 2013 and 2014)
  • Won 6 junior Danish championships as a Head Coach of the U16 and U19 team.
  • Currently the DB Coach on the Danish U19 National Team

DT Kristoffer Brun on Victor Andersen: “Victor is a coach who takes his job very seriously. He is always well prepared and has an end-game with his reflections.”


Simon Sonnesen, Special Teams Coordinator and RB Coach 

  • Copenhagen Towers Special Teams Coordinator since 2015
  • Played 3 seasons with the Copenhagen Towers as a RB (Danish champion in 2013 and 2014)
  • Founder of Thisted Brewers
  • Currently the RB Coach on the Danish U19 National Team

RB Michel Jr. Konate on Simon Sonnesen: “Sonnesen is without any comparison the best coach I have ever had. Without him I would not have the football knowledge I have today. He is a motivating and determined coach. When you get to practice and have a coach who believes in it more than you do, just shows how motivational Sonnesen is as a coach”


Jesper Nørgaard Pedersen, OL Coach

  • Copenhagen Towers OL coach since 2017
  • Played 12 seasons with Kolding Guardians and Aarhus Tigers as a OL and LB
  • Coached 7 years of junior level football, before joining the Towers as a NL coach
  • Currently an assistant coach on the Danish U17 National Team

OL Joachim Christensen on Jesper NP: “NP is a coach who dedicates himself into getting results and demands his players to play at a high level. He cooperates with players and doesn’t only dictate, and he has a great attitude towards the game of football”


Niels Roest, DB Coach

  • Copenhagen Towers DB coach since 2017
  • Played 10 seasons with Kolding Guardians before joining the Towers in 2015
  • Played 2 seasons with the Copenhagen Towers as a DB and LB
  • Coached 10 years of junior level football, before joining the Towers as a NL Coach

DB, and Team Captain, Søren Bendixen on Niels Roest: “Roest has managed to lift a talented group of DB to a complete no-fly zone. The group were already one of the best in Denmark, but with the addition of Roest as the position coach and his expertise, the group has well established itself as the best in Denmark. Roest has delivered a profound insight into the mechanics and theory of the DB position – an insight that has benefited the whole group, from starters to backups. Every DB always know what each other is doing on the field, which has resulted in an unmatched team performance in coverage; a recipe which is extremely hard to coach – and beat”


Casper Bo Jensen, WR Coach

  • Copenhagen Towers WR coach since 2017
  • Played 7 seasons with the Copenhagen Towers as a DB, LB, WR
    and RB (Danish champion in 2013 and 2014)
  • Was awarded National League MVP in 2012, as a RB

WR Aske Troen on Casper Bo Jensen: “Casper is former team mate and came in as a new coach for a experienced group of WR and that’s not easy! As a former RB, Casper made it clear that he would focus on improving our blocks and physicality! And that part of our game has become much better and we can thank Casper for that! He is always positive and in a good mood and that always affect our group even if we are tired of his blocking drills”


Peter Nordentoft, Defensive Assistant Coach

  • Copenhagen Towers assistant coach since 2015
  • Played 11 seasons with the Copenhagen Towers as a DB (Danish Champion in 2013 and 2014)
  • Won 2 junior Danish U19 championships as a player

DB Simon Maak on Peter Nordentoft: “Peter is a former player with a lot of experience and tips to give regarding technique and especially how to adjust the approach to different type of receivers. We have a lot of individual time to work with him which helps a lot when we are in competitive situations”

There have also been some few new additions to our coaching staff.


Lau Mikkelsen, WR Coach

  • Copenhagen Towers WR coach since 2018

Lau recently retired from his role a as player and team captain on our NL team. Lau has been in football since early 2000s and is a well-known name in football-Denmark. He’s known for his great hands and feet, and his exceptional football-IQ that has led him to be a top WR in the Danish National League for more than a decade.

WR Aske Troen on Lau Mikkelsen: “I have played side by side with Lau several years now and he will be missed on the field! But getting him in the coaching staff is a huge asset! Lau has played football for many years and has always been very helpful with solutions and suggestions for game calling. I expect him as a coach to get heavily involved in our passing offense and I hope that some of his attitude is carried on by our WR group. Lau and Casper will complement each other very well and I’m sure that with these two coaches, Towers WR’s can continue their development”


Henrik Schwarz, TE Coach

  • Towers U19 OC and assistant Head Coach in 2014
  • Towers Senior OL Coach in 2015
  • Towers U16/19 assistant Coach in 2016 & 2017
  • Towers TE coach since 2018

Henrik Schwarz is a familiar face with the Copenhagen Towers, as he has been a coach with the Towers since 2014. Schwarz has been coaching for more than 10 years and his extensive knowledge will be very helpful when he is going to manage one of the most talented groups of players on the roster. Head Coach Peter Herbild has made it a clear objective to develop and integrate TEs to his offense, and there is no-one better to fix this assignment than Coach Schwarz. Schwarz is currently the OL coach of the Danish U19 National Team.

OL coach, and former teammate, Jesper NP on Henrik Schwarz: “I’m looking forward to bringing Schwarz to the national league staff, as Schwarz has a huge football understanding and can contribute a lot to an already strong technically skilled staff. Besides this, I look forward to the extra energy that Schwarz brings to our practice field where he expects the best of his players. If they do not deliver to the level he expects, players will know. I like that”

Introducing two new coaches

While the Christmas calm and the notorious Danish absence of snow descended upon Copenhagen our board and head coach have were busy signing two new coaches to our staff.

Jeremey Rud and Jesper Nørgaard Pedersen have joined the Towers in preparation for the 2017 season. Coach Rud, a seasoned player and coach, will coach the running backs and coordinate special teams. Coach Nørgaard, newly retired as a player, will coach the linebackers.

Jeremy Rud is American, 41 years old, married with two children, a 20-year US Army veteran with five years of combat operations and a former University of Minnesota football player.

No stranger to European football, coach Rud spent the past two years coaching with the Bydgoszcz Archers of the Polish 1st division. Furthermore Rud has coached U16-teams and high school teams in the US.

Coach Jeremey Rud. [Photo: Agencja Gazeta]

Jeremy Rud now lives in Greve and looks very much forward to continuing his coaching career. “Football is a game of discipline, intensity and intelligence. I require all three out of my players at all times.” coach Rud explains and adds: “The way we practice is the way we will play, so there are no shortcuts in practice.”

Coach Rud began playing football at age six in Texas, was a four-year starter at RG and DE/OLB in high school and continued to play for two years at university until at knee injury ended his playing career.

Jesper Nørgaard is Danish, 24 years old and studies to become a math, physics and chemistry teacher. Despite his young age, coach Nørgaard has played football for 12 years already. He began his career with the Kolding Guardians before playing the past two seasons with the Aarhus Tigers.

Jesper has played a number of positions, but predominantly LB, a position he even played for the Danish National team. Alongside playing, Jesper Nørgaard has coached for the past six seasons at the all age groups from U16 and upwards. He is currently the LB coach for the Danish U17 National team and assistant LB coach for the Danish U19 National team.

Coach Nørgaard also has had his playing career cut short by injuries and therefore has thrown all his football energy

LB coach Jesper Nørgaard during his playing days [Photo: Piotr Piekut]

into coaching. Coach Herbild knew Nørgaard from the National team and knew he would be a good fit with the Towers.

“I respect both Peter (Herbild) and Victor (Andersen) as some of the strongest coaches in Denmark and thought it would be incredibly exciting to get a chance to work with them”, Nørgaard said, while also emphasizing that he looks forward to working with some of the strongest linebackers in the country and help that unit carry our defense.

As 2016 draws to a close we have also had to say goodbye to two longtime Towers coaches, as Simon Iversen has left the club. Iversen began as a player and continued for years as a great part of our coaching staff. Also, Anders Munch Skovgren has stepped down as a coach to focus fully on his duties as the Towers’ athletic director and being a DAFF board member.

This means that as of this writing the Towers 2017 coaching staff comprises:

Head coach and offensive coordinator Peter Herbild
Assistant head coach and defensive coordinator Victor Andersen
Special teams coordinator Jeremey Rud
Quarterbacks and wide receivers Peter Herbild
Running backs Jeremey Rud
Offensive line Simon Sonnesen
Linebackers Jesper Nørgaard
Defensive line Victor Andersen
Defensive backs Peter Nordentoft

Furthermore the word on the streets is that we might be able to entice two legendary Towers to assist; Rob Scotland and Peter Nicolaisen. Keep your fingers crossed.

Welcome to all new and returning coaches.


Towers’ 2017 head coaches

Towers head coach Peter Herbild with his squad {Photo: Michael Quist]

Towers head coach Peter Herbild with his squad {Photo: Michael Quist]

All Towers head coaches will be back in 2017. Yet four of five Towers teams will have new head coaches. The coaching carrousel has turned and Peter Herbild is the only head coach to be back with the same squad in 2017.

The senior team staff will work hard In the off season in order to set the framework for the 2017 season and much more will be revealed in due time. One thing we do know already is that defensive coordinator Victor Andersen will be back. And not only will he again run our defense; Victor has also been named assistant head coach.

All youth head coaches have taken over new teams in 2017. The reason is simple – the bond each coach and his assistants have with their players is one we don’t want to break. Therefore, since a significant number of players from each youth team graduates to an older team, their coaches advance with them.

Simon Sonnesen, the former U19 head coach, reached the end of the line as far as youth teams go and thus he will coach the youngest Towers in 2017 as the U12 and U14 head coach.

This means that Tobias Trige will coach the U16 team and Kasper Skyum will be the front man for the U19 team.

Each coach will be surrounded by the same assistants as in 2016. Tobias Trige will bring Thomas ‘Post’ Jakobsen and Lars Cedervall with him as well as a whopping 20 players advancing to the U16 squad. Trige said, “We look forward to continuing to follow the football development of these boys and also the great camaraderie they have built.” Trige is looking for additional coaches for the U16 team in order to reach the team’s goal of having a coach pr. seven players.

Coach Skyum will also field a staff that is made up of a mix of familiar and new faces. “It will be a crew that knows what it takes to improve and not just the coaches, but medics and team managers as well”, Skyum explains and adds “Our players can expect innovative and unusual practices.”

The Towers wish our fans a happy off-season, but assure you that there is nothing off about our preparations for the 2017 season.

Coaches Sonnesen and Herbild [Photo: Michael Quist]

Coaches Sonnesen and Herbild [Photo: Michael Quist]