Ronaldos signs sponsorship deal

By Jens Rørbye

Local restaurant and catering business, Ronaldos, has just signed a major, multi-year sponsorship agreement with the Towers.

The deal ensures that Towers fans can continue to enjoy Ronaldos’ legendary pork steak sandwiches and hot dogs at Gentofte Sportspark. Furthermore, Ronaldos will provide meals for players, staff and coaches on away trips. Ronaldos already delivers meals to players of a number of elite clubs in greater Copenhagen.

When he is not busy catering to Towers fans, Ronaldo himself runs the inhouse restaurant at Kildeskovshallen in Gentofte. Guests enjoy the course of the day, either in the restaurant or bring their meals home. On Sundays Ronaldos serves up a lavish brunch buffet. And finally Ronaldos caters to parties and large events, so it is indeed a diverse partner, who has chosen to sponsor the Towers.

The Towers are very excited about the agreement. In the words of team president Jakob Munksgaard: “The Towers are proud of announcing this deal. It underscores the rapid development that our club is going through and makes some of our dreams for the future possible. And then we’re thrilled that for the coming years we can treat our fans to the best sandwiches and hot dogs in the National League…!”

Ronaldos already has partnerships with other elite clubs in Gentofte and this agreement makes it clear that Ronaldos is the place that Gentofte turns to when they need culinary services. Owner Ronaldo Mora is pleased with the agreement and and proud of supporting the Towers: “The Towers is a club that is developing very quickly and we look forward to joining them on this journey”.

The agreement has been finalized after a year’s cooperation, just in time for the 2018 season. It entails that the Towers will take the field with Ronaldos’ logo on their pants as of now.

Don’t miss our season opener at Gentofte Sportspark on April 8th at 15:00 (3 p.m.), when we host the newly elevated Frederikssund Oaks. Ronaldos will be there and the grill will be fired up.

Ronaldo Mora (left), Morten Andersen (center) og Towers president Jakob Munksgaard (right)

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