[Photo: Michael Quist]
[Photo: Michael Quist]
The Towers are very proud that our athletic director, Anders Munch Skovgren, was recently elected to a position on the board of DAFF.

Anders Munch has been a known and respected figure within Danish football since the mid 1990’s. When the entire board of DAFF stepped down earlier this summer, many clubs looked for a football knowledgeable, veteran presence on the new board. Anders’ name came up very quickly. He was asked to consider becoming a candidate and accepted after some thought and after consulting his family. Anders will serve on the board until the next regular annual conference at which time he will consider his position.

Towers U19 head coach Simon Sonnesen said it well: “The broadest shoulders carry the most weight”. That can be said of Anders himself and of the Towers as a whole.

Over the years, since hanging up his cleats after a long career as the QB of Frederikssund Oaks, Anders has served in countless club, federation and national team functions. He is never one to back away from responsibility and saw an opportunity to do good work for football in Denmark in general.

The Towers, similarly, are proud that our team management is thought of so highly and wish Anders all the best in his endeavors for the Danish American Football Federation.

Alongside his work for DAFF, Anders will remain the Towers athletic director and the QB coach of the National League team.